Newport Hills Animal Hospital understands that the loss of a pet is a deeply painful and emotional experience. Our staff members are also pet owners who have shared the human-animal bond and mourned the passing of cherished animal friends. We are here to provide understanding of the emotions that accompany the loss of a beloved companion animal. Following the death of your pet, you may experience feelings of grief such as denial, anger, depression and guilt. The effects are often felt emotionally, physically and spiritually. This is part of the normal grief process.

Some pet owners are fortunate to have friends and family who understand these emotions. Others may not have the support they need. Well-meaning friends and family who do not understand the sense of loss that you’re experiencing may inadvertently minimize your feelings, leaving you to feel even more alone. Hiding your grief does not help it go away. Talking and sharing your thoughts with others who have lost an animal companion can be comforting and therapeutic. Remembering the joyful times and special memories of your pet is an integral part of the grieving process. Your grief is genuine and you’ll require patience and compassion as you heal. During this most vulnerable of times, please offer yourself the same loving kindness that you bestowed so generously upon your pet.

Learning how to cope with the grieving process may occasionally require emotional assistance and support. In an effort to provide assistance to pet owners experiencing the loss of a pet, we have included online resources to help locate support groups, hotlines and written materials.

Association for pet loss bereavement:

Cornell University

Ohio State University